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Where to Find the Best Food in Paris

Paris is a city unlike any other. You can visit countless times, and with every visit, discover something new about the city of love. Whether it's a sweet neighbourhood you haven't come across before, or a cute little cafe, every visit is memorable. Each time you visit, you find yourself falling a little deeper into it, coming to realise that it really is known as the city of love for a reason and one of the best cities in the world at that. 

Paris breeds a sensation of passion that is palpable within the neighborhoods, and that pours into the food being produced.  You can find sophistication and attention to detail, yet with a sense of simplicity and softness. Of course, once you've seen and 'done' the main attractions (such as walking Montmartre, visiting the Musee de Louvre, seen the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the Notre-Dame cathedral) less sight-seeing is on the agenda and more local exploring can be done. 

Below are our recommendations for the best food in Paris!

Le Mary Celeste is a funky, open-air bar with a strong sense of self and energy you feel the moment you step foot inside.  There are bright splashes of color everywhere, complementing the orange negronis you’ll likely see scattered about in the hip young patron’s hands. This is one seriously underrated yet impressive local. Get the deviled eggs with pickled onions and scallions, and the burrata splashed with apricot and tamarind and you’ll be guaranteed a spectacular start to the night ahead. 

Septime. First, the bad news: you’re probably not going to get into Septime. Not unless you’re willing to call exactly three weeks before your desired reservation, and probably not even then. Frequently touted as the top restaurant for contemporary tasting menus in Paris, it might be a challenge to get a table but it's definitely worth it. Beverage pairings are consistently brilliant, leaning heavily toward natural wines but without the ill-chosen funk we often encounter elsewhere. If you can’t get in, don’t despair as you can also visit Septime’s sister restaurant Clamato next door, or Septime La Cave, which is its' spinoff wine bar located around the corner. 

At the other end of the spectrum, you could start the day with a breakfast buffet at Holybelly. Make your own breakfast plate with eggs and sides like champignones, bacon or grilled halloumi, or go lighter with chia seed pudding or yogurt, fruit and granola. It's fun, it's quirky, more American-style but still good quality, wholesome and seasonal food. 

As anyone who knows and loves Paris will be aware, there is certainly no shortage of boulangeries. It would be safe to say you could probably find one on every street corner of this beautiful, wonderful city.  Du Pains Et Des Ides is in Saint Martin, about a five minute walk from the canal, and churns out a delicious pistachio and chocolate pastry that is a must have.

If you prefer finding a spot that is a little more off the beaten track yet still sophisticated with that distinct French charm about it, Le Servan is the perfect option. It is the epitome of French refinement and sophistication- all in one. Le Servan is a great option if you are looking for a restaurant that is a little more relaxed without compromising on excellent quality. 

As with the boulangeries, it is just as impossible to go anywhere in Paris and not come across a Creperie. They are everywhere. When you finally cave into temptation, be sure to go to Breizh Cafe. Whether you opt for sweet or savoury, you will leave very happy and satisfied!