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Holiday rentals in LimousinSearch Rent-in-France and find self catering Limousin holiday rentals. Contact our owners direct to find Limousin holiday rental villas, cottages, gites and houses throughout the region. We hope that you find the right Limousinholiday property to suit all your needs! The region of Limousin occupies the north western part of the Massif Central, is one of the smallest regions in France and the one with the smallest population. It is situated in the centre of France and North West of the mountainous area, the Massif Central. The Limousin region is made up of three departments, Correze, Creuse and Haute Vienne. The region of Limousin today is essentially composed of two historical French provinces: Limousin and Marche, beside these two main provinces the region is also made up of other former provinces that include Angoumois, Berry, Poitou and Auvergne. The Region is one of the most rural areas in France today which makes it the perfect holiday destination for those wanting to rent accommodation in remote unspoiled landscapes and tranquility. Although Limousin is peaceful, there is still plenty going on throughout the region that will satisfy the most active holidaymaker – including a number of lakes and rivers in the area offering some fantastic fishing, canoeing, sailing and kayaking. In addition, the terrain across the region makes Limousin a country lover’s paradise. Rent a self catering Limousin holiday home and explore the wonderful countryside that offers numerous outdoor activities including horse riding, rambling, walking and mountain biking. There are also seven golf courses throughout the region. The region is also home to a large number of ancient churches, villages and castles creating a timeless feel. Some say a holiday rental in Limousin will transport you to another era. With a population of around 711,000 and only 42 inhabitants per km, Limousin is the least populated region of France.  

Food lovers are in for a treat during their stay in the Limousin region. On offer throughout the region are some excellent Limousin Holiday Rental Villas and Cottages - Rent-in-France organic lamb and beef, duck, hams and goose, all which are from what pates and fois gras are made. There is also a wide range of fresh water fish dishes for you enjoy. Other dishes include Potato pie made with herbs, galettes and smoked ham, pancakes which are made without eggs or milk, fermented and often served drenched in honey or with fruits and liqueur. Ingredients such as nuts, chestnuts, mushrooms, cepe and morilles which can be found in the forests are all used in various local dishes. The Corrèze department is a particularly good area for fruit growing - strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackcurrants and gooseberries are all grown in the area and are used to make jams, pastries and tarts and also some liqueurs. Take a Limousin holiday home and sample  the Good country wine which is produced in some of the small vineyards in the areas of Mégénie and Branceilles and it is also believed that beer has been produced in the region of Limousin for over one hundred years.

Places to visit during your holiday rental in the Limousin region 

Self Catering Holiday Accommodation to rent in the Limousin region, FranceLimoges Situated in the heart of France south-southwest of Paris on the right banks of the Vienne River Limoges is the capital of the Haute Vienne department and the Limousin region. Once made up of two towns it wasn’t until 1792 that the town officially merged with the small town of Saint Martial after many years of war. The surviving parts of the two medieval towns can still be recognized by their winding streets that contrast against the modern spacious roads of the newer neighbourhoods in the town. 


Oradour-sur-Glane Once a village in the Haute-Vienne, Oradour-sur-Glane is situated around 14 miles northwest of Limoges. The village was the site of a brutal Nazi atrocity during World War II, June 10th 1944 saw 200 men dynamite and burn the village killing 642 men, women and children. The destroyed village has never been rebuilt and has been left as a memorial to the victims of the massacre although a modern church has been built nearby. 

Guéret located 45 miles northeast of Limoges in the foothills Guéret is the capital of the modern Department of Creuse. What used to be the feudal capital of the old French province of La Marche Guéret has grown from a small market town into becoming the centre of local agricultural cooperatives with the coming of the railway. The town has expanded around the 7th century abbey over the years.

Aubusson Again northeast of Limoges the market town of Aubusson is situated on the Creuse River in the department of Creuse. The town is well known for its production of high quality wool carpets and tapestries. A national school for the decorative arts was founded in the town way back in 1869.

Brive-la-Gaillarde South of Limoges this town lies along the Corrèze River in the Corrèze department. The town itself is the result of a roman settlement where they built a bridge over the river Corrèze many years ago. There is a number of rock caves that surround the town which give us evidence that there was once prehistoric occupation in the area.

Moutier d’ Ahun This magnificent medieval village is situated 2km from Ahun within the Creuse department of central France. Home to a remarkable abbey church which is loaded with 17th century wood carvings by Simon Bauer and his companions. Moutier d’Ahun  is a scenic and picturesque village and is definately worth a visit during your stay Limousin. Take a walk through the streets and enjoy seeing some ancient remains that tend to be in the walls and gardens of many of the properties in the area.

Lac Vassiviere - the largest area of water in Limousin and one of France's largest lakes, about 10 square kilometres in area, situated on the Plateau de Millevaches. The lake is situated in the departements of Creuse and Haute-Vienne.

The Dordogne valley - The upper valley of the Dordogne is attracts walkers and watersport enthusiasts for sailing and kayaking. Holiday homes and camp sites and have accumulated wherever the valley floor is suitable to accommodate them. The Dordogne valley attracts visitors from all over the country, as well as many incomers from Britain and Germany.

Treignac-sur-Vezere - a beautiful village located in Limousin in the upper valley of Vezere, lying south-east of Limoges and just 40 km north of Tulle. The Vezere is a fast flowing river used to produce electricity and great for watersports such as canoeing and kayaking.Moutier d`Ahun in Limousin - Holiday Rental Property to rent in Limousin region, France

Climate in the Limousin region 

Situated inland in the middle France Limousin is well known for its mild, sweet weather during the year. The region sometimes receives more of an ocean climate, this tends to bring a really pleasant and comfortable climate but it can be quite humid at times. Although it can get humid at times Limousin can still boast around 1,974 sunshine hours a year. Being surrounded by mountains, their altitude tends to be the main reason for the long winters and strong rainfall the region may experience. The weather can be quite extreme in the mountains but the weather remains mild and sweet in the flat lands. The perfect blend of softness and humidity give this region of France an important attractiveness, the rainfall in particular nourishing the rivers and lakes along with the vegetation to create a beautiful landscape. Overall Limousin does tend to experience cooler springs and autumn months and the winters can be rather cold at times compared to the rest of France. The summer months do see the temperature pick up and they tend to remain pleasantly warm throughout.

Travelling to the Limousin region 

Getting to you holiday rental within the Limousin region is relatively easy. The main airport that serves the region is Limoges Bellegarde airport which is located just a few kilometers outside of Limoges town. Limoges Bellegarde receives regular flights from a number of UK airports which include Southampton, Nottingham (East Midlands), Stansted, and Liverpool. Cheap budget flights are available through Ryanair, Flybe and Air France. The journey time from London is approximately 1.5 hours. Although fares tend to vary you may be able to get return flights for as little as £1 each if you book in advance with Ryanair (fares do not include airport taxes). There also is a frequent train service that  runs from Paris to La Souterraine, La Souterraine is located around 25 Kilometers from Montchenon. 

Overall Limousin is still a relatively unknown region of France. Situated in the centre of France Limouisn has preserved much of its natural beauty. Limousin has much to offer as a holiday destination as  the region is made up of river valleys, hills, high plateaux and forest, lakes, great feudal fortresses, Renaissance chateaux and a number of mediaeval villages and towns. Each of the towns and villages all have a good choice of good restaurants, museums, shopping and markets on offer when renting your holiday home in Limousin.