Corse-de-Sud, France

Self-catering holiday rental homes in Corse-de-Sud, France

Corse-du-Sud is a French department in the region of Corsica. It is composed of the southern part of the island of Corsica. The department is surrounded on three sides by the Mediterranean Sea and on the north by the department of Haute-Corse.

South Corsica enjoys the mild and hot climate of the Mediterranean Islands. To tempt you further on holiday in Corse-de- Sud, the department has kilometres of stunning coastline with crystal clear waters as wells as majestic mountains dominating the island. At the southern tip of Corsica is the gem of Bonifacio, part of which is built upon a huge cliff. Its white limestone cliffs sculpted into stunning shapes by the waves.

Ajaccio is the capital of Corse-du-Sud and the largest city of the region of Corsica – it is also the birthplace of Napoleon. The Gulf of Ajaccio is stunning and lives up to its reputation when you rent a self-catering holiday villa or apartment in Corse-de-Sud. There is the original citadel overlooking the peninsula protecting the harbor on the south. The Quai de la Citadelle and the Jettée de la Citadelle are now located here. The modern city not only encloses the entire harbor but takes up the better part of the Gulf of Ajaccio and extends for some miles up the valley of the Gravona River.

To the south-west of the peninsula lies the Place Bonaparte, a quarter frequented chiefly by winter visitors attracted by the mild climate. The house in which Napoleon Bonaparte was born in 1769 is preserved as Casa Buonaparte, and his associations with the town are everywhere emphasized by street-names and statues.

For the authentic Corsican experience head inland to Sartene. Its history dates back to medieval times and granite buildings from the early 16th century still line some of the streets. The town is centred around the Place de la Liberation (previously the Place Porta), at the edge of which is the church of Sainte Marie. Sartene offers stunning views across the valley. Sartene wine is appreciated by wine connoisseurs for its good quality.

Travelling to your holiday rental property in Corse-du-Sud

By Air: Ajaccio is served primarily by Campo dell'Oro Airport on the east side of the Gulf of Ajaccio just north of the mouth of the Gravona River. Easyjet operates seasonal flights from London Gatwick. By Road: N196 and the N198 form the major routes in the Corse-du-Sud department. By Rail: Gare d'Ajaccio, operated by Corsica Railways, is located near the port and connects Corte, Bastia and finally Calvi via transfer. By Ferry: Ferries also leave regularly from Quai L'Herminier on the west side of the Ajaccio gulf for Porto Torres, Marseille, Toulon and Nice.