Chatelet, France

Self Catering Chatelet Holiday Apartments and homes,  France

The Place du Châtelet is a historic square in the heart of Paris at the site of a former fortress, the Grand Châtelet. When youstay in a Chatelet apartment you’re staying in the heart of Paris, for it’s located on the border of the first and fourth arrondissements of Paris, and sits on the right bank of the River Seine.

When you rent a holiday apartment in Chatelet you’ll immediately notice the square. It has a fascinating history as it was once the site of the medieval fortress: Grand Châtelet. The fortress was built in 1130 by King Louis VI to defend the Île de la Cité. Later, under the rule of Phillippe-Auguste in the 12th century, the fortress became one of the city's most feared prisons and it is said that some of the worst tortures known to mankind were inflicted upon prisoners here.

Upon approaching Place du Châtelet, the first thing one immediately notices is the Palmier Fountain. It was built in 1808 and erected to pay homage to Napoleon's victory in Egypt. On either side of the Place du Châtelet sits a theatre.  The first, Théâtre du Châtelet, is for music and dance and has more recently been host to a number of popular Broadway-style musicals. In contrast, the Théâtre de la Ville, which sits on the other side of the square, is dedicated to classic and contemporary theatrical performances.  The two theatres were designed by the French architect Jean- Antoine-Gabriel Davioud, and built around 1862 in an effort to attract upper-class people. The two buildings are almost mirror images of each other.

Other things to see and do, which are within walking distance, when you stay in self catering accommodation in Chateletinclude a visit to the Centre Pompidou, the Forum des Halles, and the Notre Dame cathedral.

Paris is at its hottest in July and August and coolest between December and February, though Paris rarely experiences freezing temperatures. City breaks to Paris in the springtime and autumn will also experience pleasant temperatures. Parisians are used to heavy spring and autumn showers, and are not surprised by a sudden summer cloudburst. There is occasional snow in winter. Paris' average yearly temperature is 12°C (54°F), witnessing 3°C/37°F in January and 19°C/66°F in July. Temperatures often drop below zero in winter and can climb to the mid-30s or higher in the middle of summer.

To get to your Chatelet holiday apartment: Arrivals to Paris can be made via the city’s numerous airports – including Charles-de-Gaulle and Orly. Not forgetting the Eurostar at the Gard du Nord.  It's easy to reach the Place du Châtelet as underneath the square lies one of the largest transportation stations in Paris, with 5 metro lines and 3 RER lines all converging here. Châtelet Metro (M1, M4, M7, M11, M14)