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Holiday Gites in Aveyron - Rent-in-FranceSearch French Holiday Homes on Rent-in-France - Choose self catering holiday rental cottages, apartments, gites and villas in Aveyron, France. The department is located in Southern France and is named after the Aveyron River which is approximately 290 km long and rises in the southern Massif Central, near Sévérac-le-Château. Created during the French revolution on March 4 1790, Aveyron is one of the original 83 departments and surrounded by the other departments of Tarn-et-Garonne, Tarn, Gard, Cantal, Lot, Lozère and Hérault. Aveyron is currently part of the Midi-Pyrénées region. Stay in an Aveyron self catering Holiday property and enjoy many activities on offer including great horse-riding, fishing, hiking/camping and swimming in the Lacs du Levezou. There is also some fabulous cycling, skiing and even golf courses to be found. However, what the Aveyron is most famous for is its medieval architecture, fortified chateaux and pre-historic ruins. Be sure to explore the surrounding area on foot whilst renting a self catering gite in Aveyron, France. You couldn’t have picked a better place with its rich and varied landscape that the Aveyron has to offer with its vast number of way marked walks. Whether you are looking to push yourself to the limits or just give those legs a little stretch, a holiday in Aveyron has it all from wonderful countryside, miles of scenic paths, incredible views, and a number of lively villages along the way with pleasant cafes, restaurants and bars.


Place to visit in Aveyron, France 

There are many well known tourist attractions that are worth a visit when staying in Rent-in-France holiday homes in Aveyron, France - These include the castle of Najac, a selection of old castles and monasteries such as Bonneval Abbey, Conques Abbey and  Loc Dieu Abbey and the Millau viaduct. The Millau Viaduct is the world’s tallest bridge which was opened back in 2004 by president Chirac. Part of the Cevennes National park also is situated in Aveyron.  Beautiful Holiday Property to rent in Aveyron

Villefranche - This beautiful fortified town has been magnificently preserved and sits on the banks of the river Aveyron. Founded way back in 1252, the 14th century church of Notre Dame offers some wonderful panoramic views from the tower. The market place that sits opposite the church is home to a fantastic local market every Thursday morning. 

Roquefort - The first impression of Roquefort may not impress but the town which consists of many interesting small, steep and narrow streets and is home to the Roquefort classic blue cheese. The town is covered with advertisements of the cheese production and cave visits. This well known cheese is produced from 100% ewes milk and is ripened and matured in the naturally damp and aired limestone caves which are found under the village of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon. It is thought that cheese has been produced here since 1925. 

Najac - This small village is somewhat unusual as it is spread across two hills. Najac consists of a single street that comes across the valley from the hill. Over-looked by a number of ancient houses, there are some incredible views to enjoy as you walk down through the village along the ruins of the ancient castle.  Pay a visit to the royal fortress which was built to defend the regions silver and copper mines.

Stunning Holiday Gites in Aveyron - Search Rent-in-FranceRodez - Rodez is the capital of Aveyron. Situated in the centre of the department, a French holiday cottage in Rodez will provide you with the perfect base to explore the entire area of Aveyron. Built high above the river Aveyron, Rodez is home to the spectacular massive red sandstone Cathedrale Notre Dame. Construction of the Cathedral began in 1277 and taking over 300  years to complete. This fantastic building is visible for kilometres around.

The Aveyron climate varies and depends very much on what influences the weather throughout the year.The spring and autumn months see the west and southwest winds create an oceanic climate where as the winter months see the north winds bring the chill of a continental climate. The Mediterranean comes into the mix during the summer months which provides the warm comfortable climate. Due to the variable climates in the Aveyron, which are also affected by the altitude, there are number of beautiful landscapes to admire during your stay. The extraordinarily rich landscape of the Aveyron and its beautiful scenery is guaranteed to take your breath away. Its wild orchids, woodlands and forests, wild moorland, rolling hills, vast blue lakes with rivers and tumbling waterfalls and its dramatic gorges make the Aveyron department the beautiful place it is today.




Getting to Aveyron, France

By air there are direct flights that go from London Stansted to Rodez by Ryanair. These flights run daily throughout the summer and 2 or 3 times per week during the winter. Toulouse airport which is approx. 1.5 hours away receives Flybmi flights from Manchester and Flybe flights from Birmingham. From Paris,  Air France fly to Rodez 3 times daily. Alternatively you can travel to Paris on the Eurostar and from Paris there is a high speed (TGV) train that goes to Toulouse stopping at Najac on its way. 

The Aveyron River - Aveyron Holiday VillasSearch the Rent in France holiday directory and find an ideal self catering experience in Aveyron, Midi-Pyrenees. This spectacular undiscovered area of France will offer the active outdoor enthusiast the perfect holiday destination. With direct flights to Rodez from London, there is now no stopping you from seeing what all the fuss is about!