Self-Catering Holiday rental homes in the Auvergne, France.

Auvergne - Self catering holiday rental homes in Auvergne, FranceSearch Rent-in-France for self catering holiday rental homes in Auvergne, France and book direct with owners. Auvergne is one of the least populated regions, not only in France, but in the whole of Europe today. The Cantal department within the Auvergne region would be almost completely depopulated if it weren’t for the town of Aurillac. Other major cities and towns in the region of Auvergne include Vichy, Clermon-Ferrand and Montlucon. The region of Auvergne is situated in the heart of the Massif Central, a mountain range with a chain of long extinct volcanos or ‘puy’. It boasts more than 80 former volcanic cones that range from the Puy de Dome in the north through the Monts Dore and the vast volcanic hills of the Monts du Cantal, to the basalt slopes of the Monts d’ Aubrac in the south. 

For activity enthusiasts, the region has something for everyone when staying in an Auvergne holiday cottage. There are a number of good golf courses throughout the region and in particular the region is well known for being excellent mountain climbing, riding and hiking country. The region boasts a number of lakes and rivers that offer its visitors a range of water activities that include kayaking, sailing, wind surfing, white water rafting and swimming. Ballooning and Paragliding is also available over the puy. A number of flea markets open throughout Auvergne from spring right the way through till late autumn. For the more serious country lovers, the agricultural fairs of Jaligny, Brion or Allanchoue are the places for you. Here, you can see farmers haggle over their fat cattle and turkeys. Auvergne holiday rental cottages - Visit Clermont-Ferrand


Places to visit during your holiday rental in the Auvergne region 

Aurillac - A town that is mainly an administrative and commercial centre, Aurillac doesn’t really have any important sights but is ideal as a place to stop over on your way to the Massif Central from the west. The most interesting part of the town is the old streets which many of which have now been pedestrianised and are full of good shops. Visit the place de l’Hotel de ville, home to a lively market every Wednesday and Saturday.

Clermont-Ferrand - Situated at the northern tip of the Massif Central, Clermont-Ferrand will offer its visitors some magnificent views as it is encircled by the wooded and grassy volcanoes of the Monts Domes. The city is famous for the chain of volcanoes, the Chaîne des Puys surrounding it. The famous dormant volcano Puy-de-Dôme is one of the highest of these and well-known for the telecommunication antennas that sit on its top and are visible from far away. The town has changed in recent years as many of the old buildings and factories have been destroyed. Now the town has a youthful feel with a number of pavement bars packed out in the evenings with many boutiques and galleries. 

Aurillac - Self catering holiday rental accommodation in Auvergne -Book direct with owners on Rent-in-FranceRiom - Situated just 15km from Clermont Ferrand Riom was once the capital of the Auvergne region. This beautiful town has been given the status as the highlight of the northern Massif due to its Renaissance architecture, fashioned out of the local black volcanic stone. This small town may only be somewhere to spend the morning but is ideal for those stopping for lunch on their way to Vichy. Home to a 16th century clock tower, this is the best way to admire the towns architecture from the viewing platform that tourist can climb up to for stunning views across the town. 

Vichy - Famous for its curative sulphurous springs that attract thousands of ageing and ailing visitors each year. Vichy is one of France’s no.1 spa resorts and the town is totally devoted to catering for its rich and elderly population. Thousands visit here each year to wallow in the water, drink the water, inhale its steam or to be sprayed by it. An attempt is now being made to rejuvenate Vichy and its image so the town becomes more appealing to the younger more fitness-conscious generation. 


Climate in the Auvergne region

The Auvergne region boasts an excellent climate with low rainfall throughout the year. Spring time is a fantastic time to visit this beautiful region. From around March you will benefit from a number of warm and sunny days, rainfall can be expected but mostly during the months of April and May and it won’t be a lot. Although it is nowhere near as hot as the south of France, summers are still hot in the area. Temperatures can reach highs of around 40 °C during the summer months but these sunny days are usually followed by short and sharp thunderstorms. As the forests turn to a magnificent shade of gold the autumns in the Auvergne are long and warm.  December sees the arrival of winter which tend to remain dry. The temperatures can fall as low as 10°C/15°C and snowfall can be metres thick in the mountains which will often stay for around three or four months. Auvergne holiday cottages for rental - Le Puy en Velay

Travelling to your Auvergne Holiday Rental Accommodation

Although the largest airport in the region, Clermont-Ferrand International, still receives direct flights from a number of destinations across Europe, unfortunately there are no direct flights to and from the UK. The nearest airports that are served by low cost airlines from the UK include Rodez and Limoges in the west and Saint Etienne, Montpellier and Lyon in the east. Local airports also include Aurillac and Le Puy en Velay Loudes, Air France services these airports along with Clermont Ferrand International from Paris. Paris receives daily regular flights from the UK all year round and is also only 2.5 hours away from London since the arrival of the Eurostar. Driving is an alternative and you can choose to either take the Eurotunnel, Folkestone to Calais or one of the many ferry crossing available from Dover, Portsmouth and Newhaven to either Boulogne, Le Havre or Caen. The Auvergne region is roughly around 7 hours from Boulogne, 6.5 hours from Caen or Le Havre and approximately 7.5 hours from Calais. The advantage of driving gives you the freedom during your stay and the chance to admire some of the fantastic scenery France has to offer during your journey.