Self Catering holiday accommodation to rent in Picardy, France

Picardy self catering holiday rental homes in FranceSearch the Rent-in-France directory for that ideal Picardy holiday home to rent in the beautiful region of Picardy. It is located in northern France and is made up of 3 departments, the Somme, the Aisne and the Oise. The region makes an ideal location for trips to the rest of northern France, including Paris. The region is steeped in history, making it an attractive destination for holiday makers with an interest in history and culture.

Picardy is one of the least known regions of France. The region is famous across Europe
for its battlefields from the first and second world wars. The region today is a peaceful area
of France and is rich in early history. Stay in a Picardy self catering holiday rental home and take a stroll round the quiet streets and enjoy its old fashion architecture, its fantastic cathedrals and abbeys and its rich historic past of its medieval might. There are probably more historic monuments or landmarks in Picardy than there are in any other region of France. Many believe that this is
the region that the history of France began, well over one thousand years ago. 

The Picardy Coast is the most un-spoilt stretch of coastline in the whole of France; the coastline has kept much of its original appearance and beauty due to very little development over the years. Un-spoilt shores, forests, plains, rivers and canals make this region of France the perfect holiday destination for those who enjoy water sports, riding, cycling and fishing. With approximately 2000km of fantastic paths and tracks be sure to spend a few days cycling or riding throught the region and enjoy some of the great scenery Picardy has to offer.There are also a number of leisure parks and facilities that will keep the whole family happy  during your holiday rental in the Picardy region. For all of the golfers out there some say some of the best golf courses in France today are located in the Picardy region. Picardy also caters for the more adventurous visitors with , speed sailing, land yachting, gliding, hot air ballooning and kayaking all available for you to try during your stay. 

The region is known for its grapes that produce Champagne, grown in the sunny slope of Aisne be sure to pay a visit to Fossoy or Charly-sur-Marne for genuine Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée tradtional bubbly. Traditional French cuisine using local produce: foie gras, "ficelle picarde" and delicious Chantilly cream can be enjoyed in the region along with other distinctive products such as Maroilles cheese, eel, waterfowl, lamb, gateau battu and fresh summer fruits.

Places to visit during your holiday rental in the Picardy region

Amiens. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage masterpiece the beautiful cathedral is one of the many treasures that Amiens has to offer. During your stay be sure to visit its Belfry, a large number of museums, Jules Verne’s House or the well known floating gardens. The floating gardens, Les Hortillonages are exclusively reachable by boat and are surrounded by the River Ayre and the River Somme. This beautiful area of France is the perfect place for a city break where you can enjoy relaxing walks in the Saint-Leu quarter with colorful and lively little streets. Self Catering Holiday Accommodation to rent in Picardy, France

Chantilly. This wonderful city takes its name from one of Frances most world renowned gastronomical specialties, Crème Chantilly. The city is home to largest horse training center in the world and is known as the capital of horses. During your stay you can enjoy a tour of the living Museum of the Horse, the most beautiful and the biggest museum of its kind. Other places of interest include the town’s gorgeous castle which was constructed in the 17th century and the Condé museum which exhibits historical paintings (before 1850). 

Péronne.  Known as the site of one of the most important battlefields of the First World War, Péronne is hidden away in the somme valley between huge fields and large lakes. Situated in the old region of Santerre, which was the home to a number of early French kings. Some people believe the town is a paradise for hunting and fishing. During your stay be sure to visit the Historical de la Grande Guerre, situated in a modern building annexed to the castle this museum examines daily life during the  war through testimonies of those who experienced it. Other points of interest include ramparts, the medieval castle and the Flamboyant Gothic church. 

Beauvais Cathedral - Search Rent-in-France Holiday rental homes in Picardy, FranceBeauvais. Situated around 50 miles north of central Paris. The city of Beauvais has a population of over 60,000. The city is located at the foot of the wooded hills on the left bank of the river Thérain. The majority of the ancient ramparts have been destroyed and Beavais is now surrounded by boulevards, outside which run branches of the Thérain. There are a number of spacious promenades in the north east of the town. During you stay in Beauvais be sure to visit the Beauvais Cathedral, some believe that this cathedral that is dedicated to Saint Peter is some of the most daring Gothic architecture ever achieved.

Abbeville. Located around 9.5 miles from the Somme Bay, this beautiful town is definitely worth a visit during your stay in the Picardy region. Abbeville is the capital of the former province Ponthieu. The town was very picturesque up until World War II but after one heavy night of bombing by the Germans the town was completely destroyed and is now mostly modern and rebuilt but some of the town's attractions still remain. Its major tourist attractions today include the Boucher de Perthes museum, located in a belfry this museum deals with exhibitions of Archaeology, Modern Times and Natural Sciences. Visit the Bagatelle's castle and enjoy its beautiful gardens or those who like architecture will enjoy the collegiate church of St Vulfran which is a masterpiece of Flamboyant Gothic art. Abbeville, Picardy - Holiday accommodation to rent in France 

Climate in the Picardy region 

The climate in Picardy is very similar to a climate expected in the UK. In general the climate is moderate with the average temperature in the summer months reaching around 16.5°C; the winter months see the average temperature reach approximately 3.5°C. During the winter time Picardy can be very wet with powerful winds, particularly along the coast.  Summer tends to be rather short in this region of France but beautiful sunny days arise all year long. Due to its location the region is situated to the limit of the headways of cold, dry continental polar air and in general the climate is characterized by wet and fresh air masses that come from the Atlantic Ocean.

Getting to the Picardy region

Getting to your self catering holiday rental in the Picardy region shouldn’t cause you too many problems. The low cost airline Ryanair offers flights from Glasgow to Beauvais Tille Airport, Paris’s third largest airport. Other airlines such as Air France, Easyjet, British Airways, Flybe, Jet 2, Thompson fly and Bmi all fly to Paris which is very close to the Picardy region. Le Touguet is located on the coast and is served by Lyddair and Skysouth. Please be aware that when it comes to low cost airlines no one knows how long the services will last for. Both the Ferry ports and the Channel Tunnel make Picardy easily accessible from the UK. The town of Amiens is approximately 1.5 hours drive from Calais with St Quentin a little further away. Alternatively you can take the Eurostar from London direct to Paris; from Paris you can then take the regular high-speed TGV service right into the heart of the Picardy region.