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Top Things To Do In Bordeaux

Bordeaux is one of those cities that offers the best of both worlds. There are plenty of things to do in Bordeaux that will reveal how it earned the moniker 'La Perle d’Aquitaine' (The Pearl of Aquitaine).

Below are just some of our favourite places to go, things to and see whilst in this fantastic city.

Place Gambetta
This pretty square is in many ways the center of Bordeaux, and is surrounded by good shops and restaurants. It’s come a long way since the French Revolution, when the park was home to the city’s guillotine!

The Cours de L'Intendence is also a fantastic street for luxury shopping in Bordeaux.

Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux
One of the oldest wood-frame opera houses in Europe not to have burned down or required rebuilding. Built in the area where the Roman Forum once stood, the theatre was constructed on the remains of the Roman Temple.

Take an unforgettable wine tour! Going on a tasting tour is one of the best things to do in Bordeaux. These can range in price from €38 to €200. The recommended way to find the best tour for yourself is to visit the official Tourism Centre. We recommend exploring Medoc and Saint-Émilion, as they are both considered to have the best vineyards in France. 

On that note, the Cité du Vin is a must for wine-lovers. This is a super-modern, futuristic cultural center that will teach you everything about wine production all around the world. If you’re a wine aficionado, this will be one of the best Bordeaux tourist attractions for you. You can easily spend an entire day there, soaking up information and listening to the comprehensive audio guide. At the end of the tour, you can go up to the 55-meter tower and enjoy a glass of wine in their amazing bar.

La Place de la Bourse is famous for its' Water Mirror, so it is definitely worth spending a couple of hours there. The Water Mirror (Miroir d’eau) is actually the largest reflecting pool in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s only 2 cm deep and it creates a mesmerizing mirroring effect that reflects Place de la Bourse and all the other beautiful buildings around! 

Take a relaxing stroll around the Jardin Publique de Bordeaux. This beautiful park dates back to 1746 when it was created in order to offer the more elite an attractive place to unwind and relax. This English-style park is wonderful even today and we highly recommend a visit, so you can enjoy the historic statues, bridges, and fountains. This is a sophisticated place where you can enjoy a picnic, a good book or even a glass of wine as you gaze upon a glimpse of 18th Century Bordeaux.  

Esplanade des Quinconces
This enormous square was once the site of Château de la Trompette. The square’s most prominent feature is the fountain monument known as the Girondins Column, with its bronze horses.

Erected in the beginning of the 20th century, the horses were stolen by occupying German forces in 1943, presumably to be melted down; in 1945, however, they were rediscovered in Angers. Restoration was finally completed in 1983.

Garonne River
Bordeaux owes much to this river, as it was along the Garonne that was used to ship wine from the region up to England, leading to the city’s economic prosperity. Even today, Bordeaux’s port remains one of the most important in all of Europe.

Enjoy a stroll along the boardwalk; follow it until you arrive at the Place des Reflets—a dynamic fountain and pond—which you will find full of children on sunny afternoons!

Pont de Pierre (As seen in the image above)
This bridge was constructed by Napoleon in 1821 so that his army could cross the river to travel down to Spain to fight. Interestingly, there is one arch on the bridge for every letter of Napoleon Bonaparte’s name.

Place du Parlement
Originally the site of a poultry market, this entire neighbourhood, comprising the streets St-Pierre, Argentiers, Bahutiers and Passage St-Georges, are filled with charming cafés and restaurants.

Basilique St-Michel
The Basilique St-Michel dates back to the 15th century; at 379 feet, the tower in front of the basilica is the tallest building in southwest France. Every morning, an interesting market spreads out around this tower, and it’s definitely worth visiting. 

Rue St-Catherine is the longest pedestrian shopping street in Europe, as it’s 1.2 kilometers long! This famous street is always full with people wandering through its dozens of cafes and many shops and even if you’re not planning to buy anything, it’s still one of the top places to visit in Bordeaux

Cathedrale St-André
This cathedral was built between the 13th and 15th centuries and is the place where Eleanor of Aquitaine married her first husband, the future Louis VII.