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Family Fun Holidays in Bordeaux

When it comes to planning a family holiday, Bordeaux often gets overlooked. More popular destinations like Brittany and Cote d’Azur seem to be the first choice, but Bordeaux is also a great place for adults and kids alike. With so many fantastic family activities, the kids won't want to leave! 

Rent in France offers thousands of fantastic self-catering holiday homes, villas, gites and apartments in Bordeaux. Let us help you plan your next family holiday and highlight all the wonderful family fun activities on offer in this great city. 

Whether you've got very little ones or older teenagers, a sight-seeing tour of the city by tram will undoubtedly be a hit. It's a great way to get a feel for Bordeaux when you first arrive and enjoy unlimited travel around the city. You can always hop off for a spot of lunch or an ice cream break and resume the tram tour later! 

From mind-challenging escape room games to a wave pool right in the center of the city, you can be guaranteed that the whole family will enjoy themselves and create some lifelong memories. 

A very popular activity is Escape Hunt Bordeaux.You’re locked in a room and you have just one mission: to solve a mystery by working through a series of clues before the clock runs out. Get a small group of 3-4 together and test your detective skills while attempting to solve the mystery. You have an Escape Hunt guide who watches from outside, and is there to help with additional clues when you get stuck. Escape Hunt Bordeaux currently has five different mysteries to choose from and they are both in French and English. We warn you though, it's addictive! You might find yourself going back to complete the other mysteries! Escape Hunt Bordeaux is open daily from 10am – 11pm. Book online here.  

Another unique and memorable activity is seeing the world's largest reflecting pool. Bordeaux is home to the world’s largest reflecting pool, Miroir d’Eau. Opened in 2006 as a public art instillation designed by landscape artist Michel Corajoud and water technician Jean-Max Llorca,it was inspired by the flooded sight of Piazza San Marco in Venice. 

The water mirror quickly became a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike to cool off on a hot summer’s day. Children are always seen running and splashing in it, there’s often salsa dancing on either side and it’s a favorite meeting place for lovers. The water goes through a programmed sequence of 3 minutes of fog, 3 minutes of mirror and 10 minutes of pool. It is the most photographed site in Bordeaux and a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

For the Fashionista's in the family, the Rue St Catherine will be calling. Shop 'til your drop on Europe's longest pedestrian shopping street ( It's a whopping 1.2km long!) It runs from the Grand Théâtre on Place de la Comédie to the Thermier Column on Place de la Victorie. Rue Saint Catherine has over 250 stores, plus cafes and restaurants. 

One of the newest attractions in Bordeaux is the Spaceship sculpture by British artist Suzanne Treister, which is part of Bordeaux’s public art. The very large 17-meter (55-foot) in diameter spaceship sits in the Bassin à Flot district of Bordeaux. A giant floating spaceship above water? We don't know any kids who wouldn't jump at the chance to see that!

Another great family day out is the Zoo de Bordeaux-Pessac, where the children can see lions, tigers, giraffes, otters and discover anything from the African bush to South American wildlife. 

Lastly, if you fancy exploring a little further from the City centre, visit the Ferme Exotique de Cadaujac. It's located about 15km South of Bordeaux and is one of the most varied wildlife parks you could ever visit! With over 1,000 animals, circus show, a carousel as well as a little train to take you around the park, the kids will never want to leave. 

These are a handful of our favourite family friendly activities in Bordeaux but there is much, much more on offer! The fun acitivities, combined with historical outings, museums and cultural sites will leave the whole family wanting more. Bordeaux really does tick every box. We didn't even mention the beaches! 

If you think your family would enjoy a holiday to this magnificent, beautiful and historic city, please feel free to browse our website for all our self-catering properties in Bordeaux (gites, villas, apartments and more). We are confident you will find something suitable to your needs!