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If you want to advertise your French Property on Rent-in-France, you must first complete this Registration process. You can register as a French Property Owner in a few seconds, using this simple form.

    Please complete all the boxes. This information is for administrative use by Rent-in-France only and will not be published on your Property Listing or disclosed to any third party. The fields marked with a red asterisk are mandatory.

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  • One low annual fee
  • Equivalent to only £2.40 per week!!
  • No commission charges
  • Quick and easy sign up
  • No extra hidden charges
  • We'll create your advert for FREE
  • Free availability calendar
  • 60% discount for additional property listings
  • 24 hour access to add and update your property advert
  • World-wide site promotion
  • Property-specific search engine keywords
  • Friendly Customer service
  • Constantly striving to improve!

  •   One Low annual fee - equivalent to only £2.40 per week!  

    You make just one annual payment of £125 for your multi-page property listing on Rent-in-France. Holidayseekers contact property owners direct, via email or telephone. We never charge any commission fees - no matter how many bookings you receive during the 12 month duration of your advert. You can recover the cost of your 12 month advertisement with your first rental booking! It's a No Brainer, really ...

      Quick and easy sign up  

    There are 4 very simple steps to placing an advert on Rent-in-France.

    1. Fill in our basic Registration Form on the right
    2. Create your Property advert
    3. Pay and publish your advert
    4. Receive enquiries and take bookings direct from holidaymakers

    Alternatively, just call our sales team on +44 (0)20 8144 3950 or email us via our 'Contact Us' page and tell us your requirements for advertising - We will do the rest!!

      No Extra Hidden Charges or Commissions  

    Unlike many of our competitors, we do not charge extra for certain features. Our one off low annual fee includes everything - a Full page description, 16 Colour photos, Availability Calendar, Website link, Property-specific Google keywords, a special deals announcements section, Unlimited updates or photo changes.

    More information on the listing features can be seen on our Advertisement Rates page.

      We'll Create your Advert for FREE!  

    Book your property advert on Rent-in-France today and our sales staff will do all the hard work for you! If you would like - We will take the hassle out of listing your French Holiday home(s) on Rent-in-France and get your advert up 'live' within a few hours, so you can begin to receive enquiries the same day!!

    Our experienced web design team can lift the necessary description and photos from your own website and/or an existing advert you may have on another site - so you don't have to send us new copy and photos. Just tell us your requirements!

    When we've finished creating your advert, we'll email you your Property Owner Account details, so that you can amend your advert as much as you like, add more photos, special deals or update your calendar. But remember, we are still here to make any INSTANT CHANGES for you as well - For no added cost!!

      Availability calendar  

    We provide an availability calendar on every property listing page for holidaymakers to see when they are searching for rentals - If kept updated regularly, this may save you dealing with enquiries for dates that are already booked up.

      60% discount when uploading additional listings  

    An owner can advertise unlimited properties (in the same location) on one particular listing, if they wish to! However, the rate for additional full page listings for an owner has been reduced massively. For example, if an owner has 4 separate full page listings, the cost of advertising will not be much more, but he/she will receive four times more exposure to help generate bookings! A holidaymaker searching your listings will also be able to see if you have any other listings on Rent-in-France and can automatically click into another advert you may have!

      24 hour access to add and update your property details  

    Every advertiser on Rent-in-France will have their own property owner account details, which they can use at any time of the day to login and amend anything to their adverts - whether it be add/change photos, amend weekly rates, availability calendar etc..

      A potential audience of millions  

    Our reachable audience is the many millions of UK, US and European holiday-makers who search the internet daily when making their holiday plans. These potential buyers are able to contact you directly, through your listing details and can make a spontaneous decision, right there and then, if your property is what they are looking for. On the Rent-in-France holiday directory, holiday-makers have direct contact with you - the owner!

      World-wide site promotion  

    Our carefully targeted, ongoing promotional campaigns will ensure that holiday makers automatically choose Rent-in-France as their first port of call when seeking information about French Holiday Rentals. Our current promotional campaign ensures that hundreds of holiday accommodation searches for all the most popular French regions bring us up to the top, or very near the top, of major search engines such as Google! In addition, we regularly invest in paid sponsored search engine advertising and run adverts in the national broadsheets - As a result, our owners are reporting multiple bookings from us after just a few weeks!

      Property-specific Search Engine keywords  

    Unlike other sites, you can fine-tune your own keywords and meta tags. This will ensure that individual property listings appear near the top on the major search engines, not just our Rent-in-France Homepage! Holidaymakers will be able to click straight into your property listing and make an instant enquiry for your French holiday home.

      Friendly Customer service  

    At Rent-in-France we appreciate that our owners have different levels of experience and expertise in promoting their property investments - So our polite staff are always here to help in any way they can. Email us using the 'Contact Us' form in the menu above, or call:
    +44 (0)20 8144 3950.
      We constantly strive to improve!  

    Despite the successful feedback from our owners, we are never fully content with how Rent-in-France could ultimately perform. We are continuously improving our listing displays and features, the search facilities for potential holidaymakers and adding more unique content about France in order to further boost our search engine rankings!

    Registration - French Property Owners ONLY

    Complete this registration form so that you can add your first French Property listing on Rent-in-France. After you click the Submit button, we will then send you a confirmation email.

    Click the link in the email to confirm your registration, which then allows you to login as a Property Owner and create your Advert(s).

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